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  • Subscription : Who qualifies as a "member"?

    The EasyWorship Subscription levels of membership are determined by a church's weekly average attendance in the main sanctuary. For example, if a church has two Sunday morning services with 200 attendees, the total number of 'members' would be 400.

  • How many computers can I install EasyWorship on?

    Campus License Details for EasyWorship Use

    (Included with Subscription and One-Time Campus License purchase)

    The Campus License allows you to install and concurrently use the EasyWorship on an unlimited number of computers that relate to a single church or organization location. 

    Your Campus License covers the following uses: staff and volunteers installing EasyWorship on their home computers to create service schedules, your church groups using EasyWorship in homes, one of your pastors installing EasyWorship to a laptop for use while ministering at another church or conference, or installing it at a youth or children’s facility that is off-campus or in a separate building on the same property.  (EasyWorship can be installed on multiple computers but only for use with that one location.)

    Your Campus License does not cover installation at additional church plants or other campuses that would be considered multi-campus. An additional Campus or Single Projector License must be purchased for a church plant, satellite campus, missionary, separate traveling ministry, parachurch organization supported by your church, or any other off-campus adult ministry that employs its own staff or has a separate office.

    A Campus License is included with every subscription. 

    Single Projector License Details for EasyWorship Use

    A Single Projector License allows you to install EasyWorship on one computer that is used for projection. (that one computer may have multiple projectors/tvs conntected via a splitter) You may install EasyWorship on an additional computer for building worship services, but it cannot be used to project a worship service.  A Single Projector License does not cover installation on more than one computer for projection.

    A Single Projector License does not cover installation at additional church plants or other campuses that would be considered multi-campus. An additional Campus or Single Projector License must be purchased for a church plant, satellite campus, missionary, separate traveling ministry, parachurch organization supported by your church, or any other off-campus adult ministry that employs its own staff or has a separate office.

  • What are the system requirements for EasyWorship?

    See: System Requirements in the getting started area. 

  • How do I update the credit card for my subscription?

    There are a couple of primary reasons to need to update your subscription payment information.  Whether your old card is now expired or your old card was compromised or if you just want to use a different credit card that is used for your subscription renewal, follow the steps below.  This process needs to be done within 30 days of the expiration of your license.

    Note: If your license has expired and you don't follow these steps to update your payment info within 30 days of the expiration date, you will just need to go to our website and start a new subscription.

    If it is still within 30 days of the date your license expired, follow these steps:

    1. Go to www.easyworship.com and sign into your account with the primary (admin) email address and password.*
    2. Click on Software Licenses at the top of the page.
    3. Click Update Payment on the right side.**
    4. Enter in the new credit card information and click Save.

    * Only the admin, or primary login, on the account will have access to update the payment information. 

    ** If you don't see the Update Payment link on the right side, the login you used is not the admin on the account.

  • Can I upgrade an older version of EasyWorship?

    If you own any older version of EasyWorship, you can absolutely upgrade.

    See the Pricing Page for details. 

  • Do I get any media with EasyWorship?

    The EasyWorship subscription license comes standard with access to our Free Media Pack.

    You can download the Free Media by clicking on The Store icon, My Account, then selecting the free option on the download media page. 

    Click on each item you wish to download, select the quality and format, then click download. 

    When the media item has finished downloading, it will appear in the resource area. 

    Looking for more? Browse our Media Store and choose from thousands of high quality videos and images.

    Also, along with all the media you get there are 223 public domain songs and some free bibles including the KJV, ASV and HCSB.

  • Can I buy an older version of EasyWorship?

    We only sell the latest version of our software, EasyWorship 7. 

    Please note that EasyWorship 2009 (or any other older version) is no longer maintained. All future updates will be for EasyWorship 7. 

  • What bible translations come with EasyWorship?

    EasyWorship comes with a variety of free Bible Plug-ins in multiple languages. You may also purchase additional Bible Plug-ins. Please visit our website to see the complete list of available Bible Plug-ins.

  • What is your refund policy?


    You may cancel your subscription at any time. Cancelling your subscription will stop any auto-renewal payments and you will continue to have access to EasyWorship until the end of the active billing month. Monthly subscription purchases are not eligible for a refund.


    You may cancel your subscription at any time. Annual subscription purchases are eligible to receive a prorated refund only during the first 90 days of the subscription.  Cancelling your subscription after 90 days will stop any auto-renewal payments and no refund will be given, but you will continue to have access to EasyWorship until the end of the annual renewal billing date. 


    Any purchase of a Campus License or Single Projector License comes with our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. You may return the EasyWorship Presentation Software One Time purchase (Campus or Single Projector) license within 90 days of your purchase date for a full refund. To request a refund, please call +1 918-250-1493.


    We do not offer refunds for digital downloads once they have been successfully purchased and downloaded. If you purchased the media and were not able to successfully download it, you can request permission to download the media again at a designated web location. To request permission to re-download purchased media, please call +1 918-250-1493. If, after attempting to download the media again, you still cannot download the purchased media, we will provide a full refund.

  • What languages does EasyWorship support?

    EasyWorship currently supports English.

    Limited Technical support is available in other languages via email.

  • What is CCLI?

    CCLI is Church Copyright Licensing International. CCLI covers your copying activities that assist with congregational singing, including computer projections, songsheets, bulletin inserts, recording your service and more. A CCLI license is required to sign-up for the SongSelect Lyric Service.

    CCLI and SongSelect are independent of EasyWorship.

  • Does EasyWorship offer a discount to colleges and university?

    The EasyWorship software is offered at a 35% academic discount for accredited colleges and universities. To request this discount, email orders@easyworship.com or call +1-918-250-1493.

  • How many copies of EasyWorship do I need?

     Most churches need to purchase one license, either a single projector license or a campus license, depending on their needs.

    If you are have multiple campuses, you'll need to purchase a separate license for each campus.

  • How many computers can I use EasyWorship on?

    See: How many computers can I install EasyWorship on?

  • I want to buy EasyWorship but I do not have a credit card. Is there any other payment method?

    If you would like to purchase EasyWorship but don't have a credit card, we do have other options available.  Please call us or send an email to orders@easyworship.com for more information.  918-250-1493

  • What is the cost to upgrade to the newest version of EasyWorship?

    EasyWorship is now offered as a one time purchase or subscription. A one time purchase gives you the current version only and will not include any feature updates or version updates. To move up to the next versions as they are released, you would need to purchase the next version again as a one time purchase or switch to subscription. For pricing, please see our PRICING PAGE.

  • How do I renew my subscription?

    Once you purchase the EasyWorship subscription, you won't need to do anything to renew it.  It is set up to automatically renew either monthly or annually depending on which one you purchased.  If you would like to manage or cancel your subscription or change payment options, login to your account at www.easyworship.com.

  • I need help with ordering or paying for EasyWorship

    Purchasing EasyWorship can be done on our website, https://www.easyworship.com/software/pricing, using a credit card.  If you are having problems doing that or would like to speak with someone to help with the purchasing process, you can call our orders department at +1 918-250-1493 or send an email to orders@easyworship.com.

  • How much does EasyWorship cost?

    There are different pricing options available for EasyWorship that allow you to pick the one that fits your needs.

    All of these pricing options are available HERE on our WEBSITE.

    (All prices are in USD)

  • Can I transfer my EasyWorship license to another church?

    The simple answer is No.  Once an EasyWorship license has been purchased for a church or organization, it cannot be transferred to another church or organization.

  • Can I print a receipt from my order?

    You can login to your account on our WEBSITE and see your order history and print any receipts you need from there.  You would have also received an email with the receipt immediately after your purchase.

    You can also manage many other aspects of your account including changing your password, updating payment methods and updating your email address.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Once you purchase the EasyWorship subscription, it is set up to automatically renew either monthly or annually depending on which one you purchased.  If you would like to manage or cancel your subscription or change payment options, login to your account at www.easyworship.com.

    Once you are logged in, click on Software Licenses at the top, and then you have the option to change or cancel your subscription.

    If your subscription lapses for any reason or you decide to cancel your subscription, EasyWorship will continue to work as a demo with the watermark on the live output.  If you later decide to renew your subscription, you will just need to log back into the program to remove the watermark.

  • What's the difference between One-Time Purchase and Subscription?

    One-Time Purchase:  Campus License $499 USD - Single Projector License $399 USD

    • Only good for the version purchased. (Will need to purchase each version of EasyWorship at full price in order to receive new features.)
    • Comes with 90 days of free phone support. After the first 90 days, phone support will cost $35 per incident.
    • Campus license.
    • Limited sample media.
    • Self guided online Help.

    Subscription:  Paid monthly or annually (determined by the average weekly attendance of services).

    • Always up to date with latest features. (No need to pay anything extra for new features or versions.)
    • Unlimited free phone support.
    • Campus license.
    • Includes over 100 pieces of media.
    • Instructor-led basic training session. 
  • Upgrading from EasyWorship 2009 & older

    If you own a license to EasyWorship 2009 or older and you are purchasing an upgrade to EasyWorship 7 and are registering EasyWorship 7 for the first time, follow the steps below.

    Purchasing an upgrade to EasyWorship 7:

    1. Go to www.easyworship.com and click the buy now button. 
    2. Select one of the options provided on the next page. Subscription, or one-time purchase. 
    3. Click checkout. 
    4. On the sign-in page, if you have a login for EasyWorship.com, login, otherwise, click continue under "first time here" and create an account using your name and email address (don't use the church's name here).
    5. At the Product Registration screen click "I don't see my account in the list above". 
    6. On the popup window click EasyWorship 2009 & earlier. 
    7. Enter your EasyWorship 2.3 -2009 serial number and click continue. 
    8. Finish the process of purchasing EasyWorship 7 and you'll be able to download, install and register EasyWorship 7. 
    9. Go to easyworship.com and click Support at the top of the page.
    10. Click Downloads.
    11. Click EasyWorship 7.
    12. Click Download EasyWorship 7.
    13. Run the file to install it once it's downloaded.
    14. After installing, you can open EasyWorship from the icon on the desktop or from the Windows start menu.
    15. When it comes up to the Registration page, you will enter the email and password to sign in.

    Registering a purchased upgrade of EasyWorship 7:

    1. Go to easyworship.com and click Support at the top of the page.
    2. Click Downloads.
    3. Click EasyWorship 7.
    4. Click Download EasyWorship 7.
    5. Run the file to install it once it's downloaded.
    6. After installing, you can open EasyWorship from the icon on the desktop or from the Windows start menu.
    7. When it comes up to the Registration page, you will enter the email and password to sign in.
  • Why do I see the EasyWorship watermark on the output screen?

    EasyWorship automatically installs as a unending demo version of the software. The watermark will appear on the screen until the software has been registered. 

    After you purchase and register EasyWorship, the watermark will go away.

    Registration Instructions

  • Can I transfer my database to another computer?

    Yes, you can transfer your database to another computer. We have instructions at the following link that will help you backup and transfer your database.

  • I have a new computer. What do I do now?

    1. On the new computer go to www.easyworship.com/support
    2. Download and install EasyWorship
    3. Register EasyWorship. See Video: Registering EasyWorship
    4. Transfer the database from the old computer using the Transfer Your Database instructions.
    5. Install DScaler video decoder for Playing DVDs from the Video Decoders article.
    6. Setup your monitors using the instructions in the Dual Monitor Setup article.
  • Can I use a presenter remote with EasyWorship?

    You can use a presenter remote with EasyWorship 6 & 7. 

    We recommend  SMK-Link VP4450 and VP4910 programmable presenter remotes.

    If you don't have a programmable remote, we've got you covered. Check out the Using a Presenter Remote article. 

  • What media formats work in EasyWorship?

    Video - MP4, MOV, MPG2, DVD

    Audio - MP3

    Image - JPG, BMP, PNG


    • EasyWorship 7 does not require additional video decoders for MP4 & MOV video formats. 
    • DSCaler is required for DVD and MPG2 playback.
      Please see "Codecs and Viewers"
    • EasyWorship 6 may require additional video decoders. Please see "EasyWorship 6 Video Decoders"
    • Videos recorded from cellphones and tablets may not work correctly.
    • Other formats may work but we cannot guarantee that they will
  • Merging songs from one database into another

    If you are wanting to merge the songs from one computer to another without overwriting the existing song database, then follow these steps:

    1. On the original computer that you have the songs you are wanting to transfer, open EasyWorship.

    2. Drag your songs into your schedule.

    3. Save the schedule file to a USB flash drive.

    4. Plug the USB flash drive into the new computer and access that flash drive.

    5. Copy over the EasyWorship schedule file to the desktop and open that schedule from the desktop by double-clicking on it.

    6. Once EasyWorship is open, click the little gear icon in the top-right corner of the schedule column.

    7. In the drop-down, click on Check Schedule for Changes.

    8. Click the Import button at the bottom of the window.


    Now your songs will be imported into the new computer without erasing the existing songs.

  • I downloaded the .ewl License File, but I cannot open it. (EW 6)

    The License File is only required if you are installing EasyWorship 6 on a computer that does not have a connection to the internet. 

    If this is the case, then when you open EasyWorship 6 you will see an option on the register window to “Register offline using a license file”. 

    This option will open the License File for you.

  • My Product Key is not working in EasyWorship

    Note: Very few customers will have a Product Key for EasyWorship.

    Product Keys are issued only to customers who purchase from one of our Authorized Dealers. If you did purchase from an Authorized Dealer and your product key is not working, please submit a Support Request here: http://support.easyworship.com/support/tickets/new. Make sure to include the product key, your name, address & phone number.

    If you did not purchase from an Authorized Dealer, you will not need a Product Key to register EasyWorship.  EasyWorship uses only email and password verification to register.

    If you have tried to enter your email and password and you have selected the Licensed Organization Account, and the registration window does not say, “You are registered to use EasyWorship,” please submit a Support Request here: http://support.easyworship.com/support/tickets/new.

  • Can I add my own Bible to EasyWorship?

    EasyWorship only works with Bible Plug-ins that have been formatted as .ewb files. These files are coded in-house by our development team. To request a Bible Plug-in, please visit our Community Forum.

  • Will EasyWorship bibles work with other products?

    EasyWorship Bible Plug-ins are uniquely engineered to work with EasyWorship and are not compatible with any other products.

  • What type of fonts are supported by EasyWorship?

    EasyWorship 6 will work with True Type and Open Type fonts will work with EasyWorship.
  • Can I share my EasyWorship database on a network or cloud storage?

    You can share your EasyWorship database on your local area network. 

    You'll find instructions for this in the Profiles article. 

    EasyWorship does NOT support sharing your database on a cloud service.  The way the cloud updates the files causes problems with the database and can cause corruption.

    You can save your schedules and share those across a network or cloud storage or use a flash drive to transfer the schedule from one computer to another.

  • How do I download free media?

    1. Open EasyWorship.
    2. Under the Media Store tab at the right-hand side of the screen, click on Download Free Media.
    3. Mouse over the video or image you wish to download and click the appropriate download button from the popup box. (You may download MP4 or WMV files)
    4. The downloaded items will appear as grey items in the media area until the download is complete.
    5. You do not have to wait for each item to download before downloading another.

    MP4 files may require Quicktime Player to be installed. We have instructions for installing Quicktime support on the Video Decoders for EasyWorship 6 article.

    Looking for more? Browse our Media Store and choose from thousands of high quality videos and images. And if you're looking for a cost effective way to quickly expand your media library, you don't want to miss our Collections.

  • I did not receive a registration key for EasyWorship

    Starting with EasyWorship 6 serial numbers are no longer used. Newer versions of EasyWorship use email and password verification to register. 

    Once you enter your email and password, you will be given the option to select the name of the Licensed Organization. 

    Click "Complete Login" or "Close" to finish the registration process.

    If you have followed these steps and you are still unable to register, please submit a support request.

  • How do I edit the CCLI number?

    To edit the appearance of your CCLI license number in your lyric slides, 

    go to the Edit tab in EasyWorship, 

    select Options and then click on Song. 

    At the bottom of the window, 

    under Copyright Info, 

    is a field for License Info. 

    Type your CCLI license number once and click OK and it will appear automatically in each song that is copyrighted. 

    By clicking on Copyright Font in the Options, you can also edit the Font, Outline, Shadow and Margins.

  • What songs come with EasyWorship?

    Here is the list of songs that are available in EasyWorship when you install the demo songs.

    A Heart Like Thine
    A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
    A New Name In Glory
    A Robe Of White
    Abide With Me
    Alas And Did My Savior Bleed
    All Creatures Of Our God And King
    All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name
    All People That On Earth Do Dwell
    Alleluia Alleluia
    Amazing Grace
    America The Beautiful
    And Can It Be
    Angels From The Realms Of Glory
    Angels We Have Heard On High
    Arise My Soul Arise
    Asleep In Jesus
    At Calvary
    At The Cross
    Away In A Manger
    Battle Hymn Of The Republic
    Beautiful Garden Of Prayer
    Begin My Tongue Some Heavenly Theme
    Beneath The Cross Of Jesus
    Blessed Assurance
    Blessed Be The Name
    Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light
    Bringing In The Sheaves
    Children Of The Heavenly Father
    Christ Arose
    Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
    Close To Thee
    Come Holy Ghost Our Hearts Inspire
    Come Thou Almighty King
    Come Thou Fount
    Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
    Come We That Love The Lord
    Come Ye Thankful People Come
    Count Your Blessings
    Crown Him With Many Crowns
    Day By Day
    Day Is Dying In The West
    Down In My Heart
    Fairest Lord Jesus
    Faith Of Our Fathers
    For God So Loved The World
    For Unto Us A Child Is Born
    From Every Stormy Wind
    Give Me Jesus
    Glorious Freedom
    Glory To His Name
    Go Tell It On The Mountain
    God Leads Us Along
    God Of Our Fathers
    God The Omnipotent
    God Will Take Care Of You
    Good Christian Men Rejoice
    Grace Greater Than Our Sin
    Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
    Hallelujah Amen
    Hallelujah What A Savior
    Hark The Herald Angels Sing
    He Hideth My Soul
    He Keeps Me Singing
    He Took My Sins Away
    He's A Wonderful Saviour To Me
    He's Everything To Me
    His Way
    His Way With Thee
    His Yoke Is Easy
    Holy God We Praise Thy Name
    Holy Holy Holy
    Hosanna Loud Hosanna
    How Firm A Foundation
    How Great Our Joy
    How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds
    I Am Thine O Lord
    I Do Believe
    I Have Settled The Question
    I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
    I Know Whom I Have Believed
    I Love To Walk With Jesus
    I Sing The Mighty Power Of God
    I Surrender All
    I Was There When It Happened
    I Will Praise Him
    I Will Sing Of My Redeemer
    I Would Be Like Jesus
    Immortal Invisible
    In Heavenly Love Abiding
    In The Cross Of Christ I Glory
    In The Garden
    In The Sweet By And By
    Infant Holy Infant Lowly
    It Came Upon A Midnight Clear  
    It Is Glory Just To Walk With Him
    It Is Well With My Soul
    Jesus I Come
    Jesus Is Tenderly Calling
    Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know
    Jesus Lover Of My Soul
    Jesus Loves Even Me
    Jesus Loves The Little Children
    Jesus Paid It All
    Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee
    Jingle Bells
    Join All The Glorious Names
    Joy To The World
    Joy Unspeakable
    Lead Me Lord
    Lead On O King Eternal
    Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
    Living For Jesus
    Lord's Prayer
    Love Divine
    Love Lifted Me
    Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned
    More About Jesus
    More Love To Thee
    My Burdens Rolled Away
    My Faith Looks Up To Thee
    My Jesus I Love Thee
    My Soul Be On Thy Guard
    Nearer My God To Thee
    Nearer Still Nearer
    Nothing But The Blood
    Now Thank We All Our God
    O Christmas Tree
    O Come All Ye Faithful
    O Come O Come Emmanuel
    O Could I Speak The Matchless Worth
    O For A Faith That Will Not Shrink
    O For A Heart To Praise My God
    O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
    O God Our Help In Ages Past
    O Happy Day
    O Holy Night
    O How I Love Jesus
    O Little Town Of Bethlehem
    O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
    O Thou In Whose Presence
    O Worship The King
    Of The Father's Love Begotten
    Once In Royal David's City
    Open My Eyes That I May See
    Our Day Of Joy Is Here Again
    Our Great Savior
    Pass Me Not
    Praise Him Praise Him
    Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven
    Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven
    Praise The Lord Ye Heavens Adore Him
    Praise The Savior
    Praise To The Lord The Almighty
    Rejoice The Lord Is King
    Revive Us Again
    Ring The Bells Of Heaven
    Rock Of Ages
    Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us
    Silent Night Holy Night
    Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
    Sing Praise To God Who Reigns Above
    Singing I Go
    Softly And Tenderly
    Stand Up And Bless The Lord
    Star Spangled Banner
    Sunlight Sunlight
    Sunshine In My Soul
    Sweet Hour Of Prayer
    Take My Life And Let It Be
    Take The Name Of Jesus With You
    Take Time To Be Holy
    Tell It To Jesus
    Tell Me The Story Of Jesus
    Tell The Blessed Story
    That Beautiful Name
    The Advent Of Our God
    The Bible Stands
    The Birthday Of A King
    The First Noel
    The God Of Abraham Praise
    The Gospel Train
    The Great Physician
    The King Of Love
    The Lord's My Shepherd
    The Love Of God
    The Name Of Jesus
    The Old Rugged Cross
    The Solid Rock
    The Spacious Firmament
    The Unveiled Christ
    There Is A Fountain
    There Is No Name So Sweet On Earth
    There's A Wideness In God's Mercy
    This Is My Father's World
    Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne
    Tis Marvelous And Wonderful
    Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
    To God Be The Glory
    Twas A Glad Day
    We Praise Thee O God Our Redeemer
    We Three Kings Of Orient Are
    What A Friend We Have In Jesus
    What A Wonderful Savior
    What Child Is This
    What God Hath Promised
    What Wondrous Love Is This
    When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
    When Morning Gilds The Skies
    When We All Get To Heaven
    While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
    Wonderful Grace Of Jesus
    Wonderful Peace
    Wonderful Saviour
    Ye Must Be Born Again
    Ye Servants Of God
    Yesterday Today Forever
    You May Have The Joy Bells
    Judson Van DeVenter
    Hans Leo Hassler Martin Luther
    C. Austin Miles
    Haldor Lillenas
    Henry F. Lyte William H. Monk
    Hugh Wilson Isaac Watts
    St. Francis of Assisi William Henry Draper
    Edward Perronet James Ellor John (adapted) Rippon
    Ken Thomas Louis Bourgeois William Kethe
    Christopher Wordsworth Ludwig van Beethoven
    John Newton
    Henry Carey Samuel F. Smith
    Katherine Lee Bates Samuel A. Ward
    Charles Wesley Thomas Campbell
    James Montgomery
    Edward Shippen Barnes James Chadwick
    Charles Wesley Daniel B. Towner
    Margaret MacKay William B. Bradbury
    Daniel B. Towner William R. Newell
    Isaac Watts Ralph Hudson
    James Ramsey Murray John Thomas McFarland Martin L
    Julia Ward Howe William Steffe
    Eleanor Allen Schroll James H. Fillmore
    Isaac Watts
    Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane Fredrick Charles Maker
    Fanny Jane Crosby Phoebe Palmer Knapp
    Ralph E. Hudson William H. Clark
    Johann Rist Johann Schop John Troutbeck Joseph Bar
    George A. Minor Knowles Shaw
    Caroline Sandell-Berg Ernest W. Olson Oscar Ahnfel
    Robert Lowry
    Charles Wesley
    Fanny Jane Crosby Silas J. Vail
    Charles Wesley
    Charles Wesley Felice De Giardini
    John Wyeth Robert Robinson
    Charles Wesley
    Aaron Williams Isaac Watts
    George J. Elvey Henry Alford
    Edwin O. Excell Rev. Johnson Jr. Oatman
    George J. Elvey Godfrey Thring Matthew Bridges
    Andrew Skoog Carolina V. Sandell Berg Oscar Ahnfel
    Mary A. Lathbury William F. Sherwin
    George W. Cooke
    Louis Bourgeois Thomas Ken
    H.A. Hoffman von Fallersleben Joseph A. Seiss
    Frederick W. Faber Henri F. Hemy
    Eliza E. Hewitt J. Lincoln Hall
    George Frederick Handel
    Hugh Stowell Thomas Hastings
    Gloria Antonio Vivaldi
    Alfred Judson Haldor Lillenas
    H.B. Simpson J.H. Burke
    John W. Jr. Work
    G.A. Young
    Daniel C. Roberts George Warren
    Alexis F. Lvov Henry F. Chorley John Ellerton
    Civilla D. Martin Walter Stillman Martin
    John Mason Neale
    Daniel Brink Towner Julia H. Johnston
    Harry E. Fosdick John Hughes Peter William William
    Henrietta E. Blair
    Philip Paul Bliss
    Charles Wesley Felix Mendelssohn
    Fanny J. Crosby William J. Kirkpatrick
    Luther B. Bridgers
    Margaret Jenkins Harris
    Blanche Kerr Brock Virgil P. Brock
    Hampton H. Sewell Kate Byron
    Gerald S. Henderson Thomas Tallis William Cowper
    Cyrus S. Nusbaum
    Barney E. Warren Daniel S. Warner
    Clarence A. Walworth Ignaz Franz
    John B. Dykes Reginald Heber
    Jeannette Threlfall W.H. Monk
    George Keith R. Keene
    Theodore Baker
    Alexander Robert Reinagle John Newton
    Fanny J. Crosby William H. Doane
    Charles Wesley
    Haldor Lillenas
    Henry W. Longfellow Jean Baptiste Calkin
    James McGranahan Major Daniel W. Whittle
    Charles F. Weigle
    Isaac Watts Lowell Mason
    Judson Van De Venter Winfield S. Weeden
    Herbert J. Lacey
    Margaret Jenkins Harris
    James McGranahan Philip Paul Bliss
    Bentley D. Ackley James Rowe
    John Robert Walter Chalmers Smith
    Anna L. Waring David Jenkins
    Ithamar Conkey John Bowring
    C. Austin Miles
    Elsie Leslie
    A.E. Rusbridge Edith Margaret Gellibrand Reed
    Edmund H. Sears Richard S. Willis
    Avis Marguerite Burgeson Christiansen Haldor Lille
    Horatio G. Spafford Philip Paul Bliss
    George C. Stebbins William T. Sleeper
    Fanny J. Crosby George C. Stebbins
    Lela Long
    Charles Wesley John B. Dykes
    Philip Paul Bliss
    George F. Root
    Elvina M. Hall John T. Grape
    Bernard Of Clairvaux Edward Caswall John B. Dykes
    James Pierpont
    Isaac Watts John Darwall
    George Frederick Handel Isaac Watts
    Barney E. Warren
    Samuel Sebastian Wesley
    Ernest W. Shurtleff Henry Smart
    Anthony J. Showalter Elisha A. Hoffman
    C. Harold Lowden Thomas Obediah Chisholm
    Lowell Mason
    Gerald E. Bonney
    Howard E. Smith James Rowe
    Samuel Stennett Thomas Hastings
    Eliza E. Hewitt John R. Sweney
    Elizabeth Prentiss William H. Doane
    Minnie A. Steele
    Lowell Mason Ray Palmer
    Adoniram J. Gordon William R. Featherston
    George Heath Lowell Mason
    Lowell Mason Sarah Flower Adams
    Lelia N. Morris
    Robert Lowry
    Ahasverus Fritsch Catherine Winkworth Johann Sebas

    C. Frederick Oakley
    Henry S. Coffin John M. Neale Thomas Helmore
    Samuel Medley Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Carl G. Glaser William H. Bathurst
    Charles Wesley Thomas Haweis
    Carl G. Glaser Charles Wesley
    Isaac Watts William Croft
    Edward F. Rimbault Philip Doddridge
    Adolphe Adam Chappeau de Roquemaure John S. Dwight
    Frederick Whitfield
    Lewis H. Redner Phillips Brooks
    Albert Lister Peace George Matheson
    Freeman Lewis Joseph Swain
    Johann Michael Haydn Robert Grant William Gardiner
    Henry Williams Baker John Mason Neale Marcus Aurel
    Cecil Frances Humphreys Alexander Henry John Gaunt
    Clara H. Scott
    Andrew L. Skoog
    J. Wilbur Chapman Rowland H. Prichard
    Fanny J. Crosby William H. Doane
    Chester G. Allen Fanny Jane Crosby
    Henry F. Lyte John Goss
    Henry F. Lyte Mark Andrews
    Edward Osler Rowland H. Prichard
    Thomas Kelly
    Catherine Winkworth Joachim Neander
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    John J. Husband William P. MacKay
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    Augustus M. Toplady Thomas Hastings
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    Oswald J. Smith Roger M. Hickman
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    Charles H. Gabriel Rufus H. McDaniel
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    Charles Lockhart James Montgomery
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    Daniel Ben Judah Thomas Olivers
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    Henry Williams Baker John Bacchus Dykes
    Francis Rous Jessie Seymour Irvine William Mure William Whittingham
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    Emily E.S. Elliott Timothy Richard Matthews
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    Charles Wesley William Croft
    Albert B. Simpson James H. Burke
    J. Edward Ruark William J. Kirkpatrick
  • Do I have to install an old version to install the upgrade?

    The EasyWorship upgrades are complete installers that always installs a full version of the software. A previous version of the software is not required in order for it to install properly. 

    So, if you are switching to a new computer and purchasing the upgrade, there is no need to install the old version then install the upgrade. Just download and install EasyWorship from the downloads page and register it. That's all there is to it. You can purchase the upgrade at www.easyworship.com.

  • System Requirements

    See: System Requirements in the Getting Started area. 

  • How to access the free Media for Subscribers

    The EasyWorship Subscription comes with a package of free media that you can access through the media store in EasyWorship. Follow the instructions below to access your free media. 

    Note: This free media pack is not available with the one time purchase license. 

    1. Open EasyWorship.
    2. Click on the Store on the toolbar at the top.
    3. Click My Account at the top right of the media store page.
    4. Click the FREE tab.
    5. Select the media item you wish to download.
    6. Select the quality and click the download button. 
    7. The downloaded items will appear in the media area in their respective folders (videos ore images).

  • Where can I get training for EasyWorship?

    We have several training videos available for training yourself or your media team.

    You can access those videos HERE.

    Beyond the videos, there is the EasyWorship help file that can be accessed in the software under Help > EasyWorship Help.

  • What happens when I install a new version of EasyWorship

    When you download and install a new version of EasyWorship (for example you have EasyWorship 2009 or EasyWorship 6 and you install EasyWorship 7), it will install separately from the previous version.  It will not overwrite what you already have installed on the computer.  You also will not lose any of your database (songs and media).  As long as you are installing on the same computer the database will convert into the new version.

  • How do I Uninstall EasyWorship

    If for any reason you need to uninstall EasyWorship, or if you need to uninstall and reinstall, you can do so by going to Apps and Features in the windows control panel, select EasyWorship and click Uninstall.

    Uninstalling EasyWorship will only remove the program itself.  It will not remove any of your data (songs, media, presentations, schedules).  

    If you would like to remove or backup that database, the default location for that information is:


  • I Need Help Registering EasyWorship

    To register EasyWorship, you will need the email address and password on the EasyWorship license account.  If you believe you have that and you are still not able to get EasyWorship registered, please call our orders department at +1 918-250-1493 or submit a new ticket and we will get back with you.

  • How do I know I have the current version of EasyWorship?

    To find out what version of EasyWorship you have, in EasyWorship, click on Help > About EasyWorship.  It will show the version and build number.

    To find out the most current version of EasyWorship available, click HERE.

  • Where is my Product Key?

    Note: Very few customers will have a Product Key for EasyWorship.

    Product Keys are issued only to customers who purchase from one of our Authorized Dealers. If you did purchase from an Authorized Dealer and your product key is not working, please submit a Support Request here: http://support.easyworship.com/support/tickets/new. Make sure to include the product key, your name, address & phone number.

    If you did not purchase from an Authorized Dealer, you will not need a Product Key to register EasyWorship.  EasyWorship uses only email and password verification to register.

    If you have tried to enter your email and password and you have selected the Licensed Organization Account, and the registration window does not say, “You are registered to use EasyWorship,” please submit a Support Request here: http://support.easyworship.com/support/tickets/new.

  • What is the status of the Mac project?

    From the desk of Jeff Taylor: 27 Jun, 2018 

    We know there have been a lot of questions and speculations about the future release of EasyWorship on the Mac.

    During the development of EasyWorship 6, we dedicated separate resources for both the PC and the Mac. Unfortunately, in the middle of this development, it became clear to us that in order to deliver to our customers a well-functioning PC version of EasyWorship, we would need to combine the teams to effectively complete the PC product. This resulted in the Mac version getting put on hold.

    Since that time, we have been working towards the release of EasyWorship 7, as well as a new strategy of leveraging the existing PC code base by modifying it to be Mac compliant giving us a shared code base for both PC and Mac. Now that EasyWorship 7 is in beta, we will be shifting our attention back to the Mac version.

    Unfortunately, we are still far enough out that we cannot provide you a time frame of when this product will be ready. Because of this, we urge anyone needing a Mac solution, within the near future, to look elsewhere. As soon as we are within a reasonable time frame, we will update this post and start releasing more definitive information. If you need assistance finding a solution or you just have questions, please call us. We want to help.

    And finally, we are truly sorry for any pain or grief we may have caused you by our past decisions in this matter. We are here to serve. We value you as a customer and we want only the best for your church. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

    Thanks again for your continued support and encouragement.

    From the desk of Jeff Taylor: 26 Mar, 2019

    Creating a cross-platform version of EasyWorship that will run on Windows and Mac is still the primary focus of our software development team.

    So far we have migrated our existing Version 7 codebase to the new cross-platform compatible development environment and successfully compiled and run the Windows version of EasyWorship 7. We have also converted our data access layer to be truly cross-platform enabled in order to keep a seamless integration between all platforms of EasyWorship. I.E. making sure that shared data profiles and schedule are 100% compatible with all platforms. Currently, we are making good headway in converting the business logic layer and core components.

    Once the business layer is complete we will begin working on the output display engine. Our next major milestone will be the ability to present a schedule for output on both PC and Mac environments. From there we will work on creating the cross-platform GUI/UI controls. Users may see incremental Windows builds in the future that use some of the new cross-platform logic and components, thus enabling us to test functionality as it is completed.

    We cannot make any promise to when this project will be delivered or completed but can confirm that it continues to be the primary project our software development team is working towards.

  • Can I use EasyWorship on a Mac?

    Thank you for your interest in the Mac version of EasyWorship. We currently do not have one available. 

    We are in the very early stages of development on the Mac version of EasyWorship. At this time we don't have a release date for the Mac platform. Thanks for your patience. 

    In the meantime, it is possible to operate EasyWorship on a Mac if you install Apple Boot Camp and then install Windows on the Boot Camp partition. You would then be able to install EasyWorship on the Windows OS and run it as usual.

    For more information about installing Windows through Bootcamp, click Here

    EasyWorship is not compatible with virtual machines like Parallels or VMWare Fusion. 

  • How do I change the email address on my account?

    You can now make changes to your account from your online login on our new account management page.

    To change your name, email or password do the following:

    1. Go to easyworship.com

    2. Click login button in the top right corner of the screen.

    3. Enter your email and password and select login.

    4. Select what information you would like to change and click the edit button beside it.

    5. Make the desired changes and click Save

    6. If you have made changes to your email address or password and can no longer see your software licenses, you may need to sign out and log back in using the new email and password before you can view your purchases.

    If you are still having trouble updating your email, you will need to submit a ticket.

  • How do I invite someone to my church or organization?

    If you are the primary contact on the license account, or already an administrator to your EasyWorship account, you can add a user by following the steps below.

    Note: A standard user will not have this option available on their online account, you must be an admin.

    1. Log into your easyworship.com account.
    2. Click Your Account.

    3. Next to Account Members, click Invite New Member.

    4. Enter the email address of the person you're inviting and click Send.

    5. When the invitation has been sent, the Invite User window will disappear.
    6. The person invited will receive an email inviting them to join the organization. 
  • EasyWorship 2009 Support has ended

    Since EasyWorship 2009 has not been updated or maintained in several years, it is no longer being supported in any way other than registration.  If you own EasyWorship 2009 and would still like to use it, you are welcome to but just know that we will not provide any support for problems, errors or questions pertaining to it.  If you need help registering it, please contact our support either by phone or by submitting a ticket on our support page.

    If you would like to purchase the newest version of EasyWorship, you can do so HERE.

  • How do I reset my password?

    To reset your password, go to www.easyworship.com and click Login on the top right corner of the screen.  Click the Forgot password? link and enter your email address and click Reset.  You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

    If you have forgotten what your username is, it is you email address.  If you need to make changes to your account you will need to contact a customer representative.  +1 918-250-1493

  • What if I'm unable to call for support?

    If you are unable to give us a call for support, there are other ways to contact us.  You can go to support.easyworship.com and submit a new ticket, or send an email to support@easyworship.com.  You can also find solutions on our Knowledgebase and on our community forums.

  • Can tech support give me a call?

    Due to fairly high call volumes and our business hours, it will be best for you, the customer, to call support when you are having an issue or when you have a question you can't find the answer to on our website.  If you are unable to call us, you are welcome to go to support.easyworship.com and submit a ticket and we will get back to you.  If at that time we do need to talk to you to resolve the issue, we can make an appointment to give you a call.

  • What is the best way to contact EasyWorship?

    There are a couple of ways to contact support.  You can give us a call during our business hours 9am - 6pm CST Mon. - Fri. @ 918-250-1493

    You can also go to support.easyworship.com and submit a ticket.

    Or, you can just send an email to support@easyworship.com.

  • How can I request a new Bible for EasyWorship?

    To request a Bible that isn't currently available for EasyWorship, go to our Bible request page.


  • What Bibles will work with my version of EasyWorship?

    EasyWorship has lots of Bible translations available.  There are some newer ones that have been added with newer versions of EasyWorship that won't work in older versions of EasyWorship.

    To find out which Bibles work in the different versions of EasyWorship, check out our Bible Plug-Ins page.

  • Can I try EasyWorship before I buy it?

    We do have a fully functional demo of EasyWorship that does not expire.  It will, however, have a watermark on the live output if you try to use it in a live service.  You can download the demo HERE.

    If you would like to try EasyWorship without the watermark in a live service, you can purchase a one month subscription to remove the watermark and can then cancel after one month if it is not the right presentation software for you.

  • EasyWorship Update History

    If you would like to know the release dates of the updates of EasyWorship and what features and bug fixes are included in each, click HERE.

  • What Operating Systems or Devices will EasyWorship work on?

    Currently, EasyWorship will only work in the Windows environment.  Any computer that meets our minimum or recommended specs running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 is supported.  It has been known to work on some surface pro tablets.

    Note: Windows 10 S, Windows 8.0, and Windows 7 are not supported and will not work correctly.

    System Requirements

    EasyWorship currently will not install or run on the Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, android phones or tablets that are not running Windows.  There is also not a Unix or Linux version.

    EasyWorship does have a remote app that can be downloaded to an iPhone or iPad from the app store to be able to remote control the schedule, but the full program cannot be installed on it.

  • Where can I find the Help file?

    The EasyWorship help file can be found in 3 different places.  

    1. In EasyWorship, click on Help > EasyWorship Help.

    2. For the online version, open a web browser and go to https://www.easyworship.com/help

    3. For the .pdf version, open a web browser and go to https://support.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/24000020510

  • Can I become an EasyWorship Dealer?

    Thank you for inquiring about the opportunity to become an Authorized EasyWorship Dealer!

    For more information on becoming an authorized dealer, please email sales@easyworship.com and ask for a dealer application. 

    You will then receive all the information needed to start the dealership process.

  • How do I access my support ticket?

    When you submit a ticket to support, you will receive an email that contains a link to the ticket.

    You can also sign into support.easyworship.com and go to My Tickets.

    If you don't see your ticket, make sure you have signed into the correct account.  (We see a lot of people submit a ticket with one email address and try to sign in with a different email address to access it)

  • Who is Jesus Christ?

    Jesus, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, was a first-century Jewish preacher and religious leader. He is the central figure of Christianity. We believe he is the incarnation of God the Son and the awaited Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament who took on the sins of the world and died on a cross and was resurrected after three days.  Anyone who believes in Him will live in eternity with Him.  He loves you and wants a personal relationship with you. You can read all about him HERE!

  • What happened with EasyWorship 2009 and earlier versions?

    Since EasyWorship 2009/2007/2006/2.3 have not been updated or maintained in several years, they have been discontinued and are no longer being supported.

    None of these above mentioned versions are compatible with Windows 10, any of the newer versions of Microsoft Powerpoint, or the SongSelect Lyric Service website.

    If you would like to get up to date with EasyWorship and purchase the newest version, you can do so HERE.

  • Contact support

    Support can be contacted during the week from 9 am to 6 pm CST/CDT (GMT-5 during the summer and GMT-6 during the winter).

    Our phone number is 918-250-1493.

    You can also email us at support@easyworship.com or submit a ticket for assistance as soon as our support department has a chance to respond.

    Please bear with us as it can take up to 48 hours to receive a response via ticket/email during normal business hours.

    Please note: Support is closed from 9 am to 10 am on Thursdays and the technical department takes their lunch from 1 pm to 2pm each day. 

  • Where can I write a review of EasyWorship?

    If you would like to leave a 4 or 5 star review of EasyWorship and/or your experience with our customer support team, you can visit our page at Capterra and leave a review there. https://reviews.capterra.com/new/101489


    If you believe your experience with EasyWorship software is 3 star or lower, please contact us at support@easyworship.com and we would be happy to work with you and resolve any issues you are having.

  • Can Technical Support Control Your Computer Remotely?

    Yes. If you call for support and we are not able to resolve your issue by walking you through it over the phone or if we aren't able to direct you to an existing tech article to fix your issue, one of our technicians can remote into your computer using a secure remote control service provided by www.teamviewer.com to help you out.

    Call +1 918-250-1493, Select option 2 for Technical Support

    Support Hours: 9AM - 6PM Central Standard Time Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
    10AM - 6PM Central Standard Time Thursday 

    The Customer Service Representative will transfer you to a technician if a remote session is needed.

    If the button doesn't work, try clicking here.

    Read the legal agreement. The technician will then walk you through connecting.

  • Multiple Live Outputs for Live streaming

    Currently, EasyWorship does not have multiple live outputs.

    If you are using NDI

    You can only output to the projector screen or use NDI to send out the stream, but can't do both at the same time in EasyWorship. You would have to use two computers both running EasyWorship. One computer that has EasyWorship projecting to the congregation screen, and the other computer running EasyWorship that is sending out the NDI signal.

    If you are using Display Capture

    The other option is if you are only using one computer with at least two monitors, you can use the display capture option in your streaming software. This allows you to display your EasyWorship live output to your secondary monitor, and then using your streaming software's display capture option to capture your secondary monitor which is showing your EasyWorship live output.
  • How to Disable Task Bar On Second Screen

    Windows 8 & 10 automatically enables the taskbar on all screens. You can turn off the taskbar on all screens but the primary screen.

    1. Right click the Windows taskbar

    2. Click Properties

    3. Uncheck Show taskbar on all displays

    4. Click OK

    This option will not be available if you do not have windows extended desktop enabled.

    Windows 8


    Windows 10

  • Can EasyWorship be shared online?

    EasyWorship is a software that is designed to be downloaded onto a computer. The database files may be stored on a shared server on your local area network, but the program itself or database is not located on the internet or in a cloud. 

  • How many outputs can EasyWorship handle?

    Currently, EasyWorship has 3 different outputs.  The first output is the control screen that will show up on you computer screen that the operator sees and uses.  The second is the front of house output that the congregation or audience will see.  And the third is the foldback which is the confidence or stage monitor that the people on the stage will see.  

    You can have multiple front of house outputs or foldback outputs by using a video splitter, but the primary 3 outputs will have to be connected to a separate output on the video card in the computer.

    Check out our System Requirements for more information on what's needed to use all 3 outputs.

  • Can I Use EasyWorship on a Single Monitor?

    EasyWorship is designed to output to a secondary monitor.  However, if you are using a home computer or office computer to create schedules, you don't need to have a secondary monitor installed.

    To display the live output in front of the control screen on the single monitor, press Ctrl+Spacebar on the keyboard or click the live output at the bottom of the screen.  To get back to the control screen, press Ctrl+Spacebar or Alt+Tab.

    If you use a computer with a single monitor to create schedules, you will want to turn off the Live output, otherwise it will display on your computer screen either behind or in front of the EasyWorship control screen.

    To turn off the live output, click the LIVE button in the top right corner of the EasyWorship window.

    To have EasyWorship automatically turn it off when you open the program:

    In EasyWorship, click on Edit > Options > Advanced and un-check the box to Show Live screen on startup.

  • What happens when I delete something in EasyWorship

    EasyWorship has a database of songs, media, presentations and themes.  

    If you delete a song from the song database, it is gone.  There is no retrieving it.

    If you delete an image, video or audio file, it is also gone.  However, if you added it to EasyWorship from another location on your computer, that original file would still be there.  When these were added, it made a copy of the file in the EasyWorship database.  If it was a video or image that was purchased from our media store, you can download that again from your account.

    If you delete a Presentation or Theme, it is also gone.  However, you can export these files by right clicking them before they are deleted and can be saved somewhere else on the computer.

    If you don't have a backup file of any of the above files and they are deleted from EasyWorship, they are deleted and are not added to the recycle bin.

  • Installing Bonjour for EasyWorship Remote and MIDI over Wi-Fi

    In order for the EasyWorship remote app to function properly with EasyWorship, you need to install an Apple service called Bonjour Print Services for Windows.

    To install Bonjour:

    1. Click HERE to download Bonjour Print Services for Windows.

    2. Click Download at the top of the page.

    3. Click Next

    4. Click to Accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next

    5. Click Next

    6. Uncheck Create Bonjour Printer Wizard desktop shortcut and click Install

    7. Click Finish

    You will now be able to connect your mobile EasyWorship remote app to your EasyWorship program on your computer.

  • Why does my screen keep showing White?

    If your live output or even your computer monitor displays white only, you probably have the Alpha Channel enabled in the Options menu.  To disable it, open EasyWorship and go to Edit > Options and set the Alpha Channel to Disabled and click OK.

  • Unsupported Hardware and Software

     The following list of software & hardware are NOT Supported.

    OS & Software
    Video Cards
    Storage Devices
    Operating Systems
    • Windows XP, Vista & 8.0
    • Windows S & Starter
    • Linux
    • Mac OSX

    Virtual Machines
    • Virtual Box
    • VMWare
    • Parallels
    • Wine
    • Citrix
    • USB Video Adapters
    • USB Wireless Video Adapters
    • NVIDIA Quadro or NVS
    • ATI / AMD Fire Pro
    • Matrox C, G, M, MMS and P
    • Using Onboard & Dedicated graphics cards at the same time
    • Intel UHD (specifically the Intel UHD 620)
    • USB Docking Stations 
    • USB Port Replicators
    • Wireless Projectors / Monitors
    • Network Projectors / Monitors
    • Casting to Streaming devices
    Cloud Drive
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • OneDrive

    NAS drive

    • External Hard Drive
  • Song Select will not login in EW7 login pops back up after clicking login

    This is usually caused by a bad cookie file in Internet Explorer. 

    Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

    1. Close out of EasyWorship.

    2. Open Internet Explorer and click on the gear icon in the top-right corner.

    3. In the drop-down menu, click on Internet Options.

    4. Click the General tab.

    5. Under Browsing HIstory, click Delete.

    6. Check all of the boxes and click Delete.

    7. Click the Privacy tab and uncheck the box that says Turn On Pop-up Blocker. 

    8. Click the Apply button at the bottom, and click OK.

    9. Now re-open EasyWorship and try logging into SongSelect again.

    10. If still not working, re-open Internet Explorer and click the gear icon again and click on Internet Options.

    11. Click the Advanced tab, and click on the Reset button.

    12. Check the box to delete personal settings, and click Reset.

    13. Click the Close button.

    14. Now re-open EasyWorship and try logging into SongSelect again.

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