Error: Could not convert variant of type (Null) into (OleStr) when trying to load scriptures

Modified on: Thu, 11 Jan, 2018 at 10:10 AM

The error you are receiving is due to a corrupted Collections database file for EasyWorship. Here are the steps to resolve this:

1. Open EasyWorship 6, click on Profiles, and then Profiles Manager.

2. In the middle of the window, where it says Instance Location, click on the name of your profile highlighted in blue. (This will open a File Explorer window of your EasyWorship database folders.)

3. Open the v6.1 folder, then the Databases folder, and finally the Data folder.

4. Right-click the Collections.db file and click Rename. Rename it to Collections1.db.

5. Close that File Explorer window and re-open EasyWorship 6.

6. You will see a window pop up asking you to fix the data. Click the Fix Data button.

This should resolve your issue and you should now no longer receive that error message.

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