Web or Store Does Not Load

Modified on: Thu, 5 Apr, 2018 at 3:24 PM

When clicking the Web icon or Store icon the web or store area remains white or doesn't load.

There are several possible solutions to this problem as this can be symptomatic of multiple problems. 

If one of these solutions doesn't help, try the next one in the list. 

Solution 1

Wait for the help file to update. In some cases especially after an update or new install, the software may need to update the help file. This can cause the web area to stall while it is downloading. 

Click close at the top right of the web area and try again after 10 - 15 minutes. 

If it still won't load after waiting, follow these steps to delete the help file so it will reload. 

Close EasyWorship. 

Right click start and click run. 

Type in %programdata% and press enter. 

Browse to Softouch\Easyworship.v7\Plugins\Web

Delete the existing help file (EasyWorship7.chm) and the .tmp file that is currently trying to download. 

Then reopen EasyWorship. 

Solution 2

Reset the sort order. 

Open EasyWorship

Click the profiles menu, then profile manager. 

Click edit, then the Sort Order tab. 

Click Use Windows User Locale

Click OK and close

Solution 3

Log out of EasyWorship, then back in. 

Open EasyWorship

Click help, register products. 

Click Disconnect and deactivate this copy of EasyWorship. 

Then click Login to connect / Retrieve registration info. 

Log in using your email address and password, selecting the appropriate organization. 

Then, click Complete Login and Close. 

Solution 4

Add an exception to your firewall so that EasyWorship is allowed to access the internet. 

You'll need to check the instructions for your firewall software to allow EasyWorship access to the internet. 

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