Due to a recent Windows/Office update, running PowerPoints through EasyWorship are not displaying properly.

There is a temporary workaround which involves changing the primary monitor resolution to match the resolution you are using for the secondary screen.

Follow these steps for the workaround:

1. Make sure EasyWorship is closed.

2. Right-click the desktop and click on Display Settings.

3. Click the Identify button at the top and make a note of which number shows up on your computer screen and the other number will show up on your secondary screen.

4. Click on the Monitor number that is your secondary screen and make a note of what the screen resolution is set to.

5. Click on the Monitor number of your computer screen and change the screen resolution to match the same resolution of your secondary screen.

6. Click on Keep Changes, and then close the Display Settings window.

7. Re-open EasyWorship and go live to a PowerPoint and it should now display correctly on your secondary screen.

Thanks for your patience as we look into resolving this issue.