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Enabling Windows Extended Desktop

  1. Right Click on the Windows desktop.
  2. Select: XP: Properties Vista: Personalize, 7: Screen Resolution skip to step 4.
  1. Click the Settings Tab or the Display Settings Link.


If display 1 and 2 boxes do not appear, your computer does not have dual monitor capability, or you do not have a projector or monitor plugged into the secondary video output on the computer.

  1. Select monitor 2.

  1. Select the Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor or Select Extend these displays from the drop down list..
  1. Set the Screen area resolution.
    Standard 4:3 -
    800 X 600 or 1024 X 768
    Widescreen 16:9 -
    852x480, 1280x720 or 1920x1080
    Widescreen 16:10 - 1280x768, 1280x800 
    or 1440x900
  2. Verify the color setting for monitor number 2 is set to 32 bit.
  3. Click Apply then OK. If prompted to keep the settings click yes.
  4. Open EasyWorship.
  5. Follow the instructions below to setup EasyWorship to use your second monitor.

Setting EasyWorship to use your second monitor:

  1. Click on the Live menu.
  2. Click Options.
  3. The Options dialog box appears.

  1. On the General tab Select Secondary Monitor under Select Output Monitor
  2. Select the Enable DirectX Support check box.
  3. Click OK.