We recommend using PowerPoint 2010 viewer to display PowerPoint slideshows in EasyWorship 2009 build 1.9.

Download and Install PowerPoint Viewer & Update:

  1. Download and install PowerPoint 2010 Viewer. Click here to download.
  2. Download and install the PowerPoint Viewer security update. Click here to download.
  3. During the install check the box to accept the License Terms and click Continue, Next, Install and OK on the next prompts.
  4. Make sure you install both files then follow the instructions under Change EasyWorship Settings below.

Change EasyWorship Settings:

  1. Open EasyWorship, click on the live menu, then options, then advanced.
  2. Uncheck both options under PowerPoint Options.
  3. Click OK .
  4. Close and reopen EasyWorship.

EasyWorship is now setup to use PowerPoint 2010 viewer.