CCLI customers are required to report their song activity every 2 1/2 years. CCLI requires that you report each master copy that you make. Adding a song to your EasyWorship database is considered making a new master. Importing a song into your database from a schedule file created on another computer is also considered making a new master. If you import a song into the song database directly from SongSelect on multiple computers, you will have to report the imported songs for each computer. You can use the Song Activity Report in EasyWorship to determine which new songs you have added to the database during the reporting period you are reporting for.


  1. Click on File

  2. Go to print

  3. In the pop out box, select Print Song Activity Report

  4. Select the dates for the beginning and end of your reporting period.

  5. Select only display songs added during the report period

  6. Click OK.

When the Song list report appears, you'll use the Add column to determine how many times the song has been added to the database. You will report that number for each song.