Moving Text Around in the Song Editor Window:

  1. In the Editor window, as you type text, the auto format feature will size and justify your text automatically. If you want to add blank lines before or after the text, hold down the SHIFT key and ENTER. These lines will be added and as you add more you will see the text decrease in size and location.

  2. When you highlight certain words or text on a slide, this size will be relative to the other text in the song. So if you make a word font height of 2 and the other words 25, you will see the relation between the sizes.

  3. This auto format feature was not designed to give the user the wysiwyg control. However, in future upgrades the user may have the option to use auto-format or placing the text in text box type wysiwyg.

Adding and Importing Songs or Text

The EasyWorship New Song dialog box allows you to add a new song to the songs database by typing it, or by importing it. In addition, you can use common Windows features such as cut and paste to enter text into EasyWorship. EasyWorship can import Rich Text, HTML, Word, Windows Write, WordPerfect, and Works for Windows files. You can also save miscellaneous text to use in your presentations. Miscellaneous text is saved into the songs database so make sure that you name it something that you can easily find (e.g., Misc. Text …).

  • Click the New Song icon on the toolbar.

  • -or-

  • On the Songs menu, click Add Song.
    The New Song dialog box appears.

To type a song:

  1. Type a name for the song in the Title box.

  2. Click the desired font and size for the text, and use the toolbar buttons to choose a style, color, and fill effects for the text.

  3. NOTE: Many of the toolbar buttons have a third state; red. The red state indicates that the default setting has been overridden and that you have edited the text attributes. To change the text attributes back to the default, click the Default button, or click the down arrow next to the paint can, and then click Automatic.

  4. If you want to add a tag to the slide, right click in the text box, point to Insert Song Tag, and then click one of the tag types. The desired tag appears in the text box. You can click the tag to add additional text, or type the tag name (e.g., chorus) and the banner appears.

  5. Type the lyrics for the song in the Text box.

  6. NOTE: You can also copy and paste the text into the Text box.

  7. To add a new slide, either place another tag in the text box, or press ENTER. If you want to place a blank line within a slide, press SHIFT ENTER.

  8. Click OK when you are satisfied with the song.

To import a song or text:

  1. Click the Import icon.

  2. The Windows Open dialog box appears allowing you to locate the desired file.

  3. Click OK when you have located the file.

  4. The song or text appears in the Text box where you can edit and format it.

How to change the text size and font type of a song

  1. Open the EasyWorship program and then click on the Song tab and for this example select Amazing Grace and place it in the Schedule Window. Now right click on the song and then left click on Edit Song. This will bring up the Song Editor Window.

  2. Place you mouse pointer right after the “e” in Amazing grace in the first verse. So that you have a flashing I right after the “e” and then do a SHIFT ENTER.

  3. Now highlight “Amazing grace” and then change the Font Size from 10 to 40. In the preview window you will see the words “Amazing grace” getting larger. Keep going up and when you get to 70 or so you will notice that the rest of the words will start getting smaller and the words “Amazing grace” do not get any bigger. You will never be able to get the words bigger than the size of the text box.

  4. Let’s change the Font Size for “Amazing grace” back to 10 and then place you mouse cursor right after the semicolon in the first verse and then do an “Enter” twice. This will divide up the verse so that it shows up on two different slide instead on the same one.

  5. Then you can change the text size to make it larger or smaller.