How to import songs from Song Select Lyric Service inside EasyWorship.

Note: Due to recent updates to the SongSelect site, you may need to install the SongSelect webpage fix from the following link. SongSelect Webpage Fix for EasyWorship 2009

  1. Open Easyworship and click on the “Songs” menu at the top of EasyWorship.
    (This is not the song library tab below the schedule area)

  2. Click on the “SongSelect Lyric Service” option.

  3. Click Sign In and Enter your email address and Password, then click the “Sign In” button

  4. You should now see the main SongSelect webpage where you can search for songs.

  5. Search for a song or scroll down to the What's new or Top 100 list and click the lyrics bubble to the right of the song title. 

  6. Click the import button at the top right. 

  7. The “Copy Song to Easyworship” box pops up. You can review the format on the song and make any changes that you wish before saving it.

  8. Click “OK” to save the song to the EasyWorship database.