This has been known to happen with data folders on network storage devices. Here is the process for converting the data folder:

  1. Copy the data folder from the network drive to c:program files\softouch\easyworship. If there is already a folder there rename it first.

  2. Go to start, run and type in regedit

  3. Click the plus sign by hkey_local_machine

  4. Click the plus sign by software

  5. Click the plus sign by Softouch

  6. Click the plus sign by EasyWorship

  7. Click on the settings folder

  8. Find the netpath key

  9. Delete the netpat key only

  10. Open EasyWorship, it will then go through the conversion process and should finish

  11. After the conversion is finished, close EasyWorship

  12. Rename the data folder on the server

  13. Copy the data folder from c:program files\softouch\easyworship to the server

  14. Open EasyWorship

  15. Click on file, database tools, set network folder

  16. Click the button at the top right with the three dots on it

  17. Use the box that appears to browse to the network location where the data folder is.

  18. (Remember that you just need to select the folder that data is in, not the data folder itself.)