The video card is one of the most important components to consider when buying a computer for running EasyWorship. You can have a very fast processor, hard drive and memory in your computer, but if the video card is not up to par, your videos will lag and jerk and will not transition smoothly. Here are the video cards that we recommend for use with EasyWorship. Below there is more information that will help you purchase the right video card.

If you have any questions about what video card to buy after reading this information please call support before purchasing a video card.

NVIDIA Model Recommendations:

HD / Foldback - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650/750, 660/760 or better.

(The Matrox DualHead2Go is not required for foldback with this card. Click Here for more information about foldback hardware)

SD - NVIDIA GeForce 540, 640 equivalent or better.

Basic - Any dual output NVIDIA GeForce Graphics card with 128 MB video memory.

ATI / AMD Model Recommendations (Please note we prefer using NVIDIA Graphics cards):

HD / Foldback - ATI / AMD Radeon HD 5850 / 6850, 7850 equivalent or better.

(The Matrox DualHead2Go is not required for foldback with this card. Click Here for more information about foldback hardware)

SD - ATI / AMD Radeon HD 5570 / 6670, 7670 equivalent or better.

Basic - Any dual output ATI / AMD graphics card with 128 MB video memory.

Power Supply Requirements:

Check with the video card manufacturer to verify the minimum power supply wattage required for the video card you are purchasing. This information is normally printed on the box with the system requirements or under detailed information about the video card on the website you are purchasing from. You can check the wattage of your power supply by opening the computer case and looking at the sticker on the side of it.

Video Card Memory:

The amount of video memory on the video card should not be a deciding factor when purchasing a video card. The Graphics Processing Unit or (GPU) should be considered first. For marketing reasons many low end video cards will have large amounts of video memory but the video processor is very slow. See: Understanding Video Card Model Numbers if you need help determining how well a certain video card model will perform. Example: An NVIDIA GeForce 610 with 2 Gigabytes of Video Memory would not perform as well as an NVIDIA GeForce 660 with 1 Gigabyte of video memory.

What about laptops?

Laptops do not need a special video card. Most new laptops will have the ability to run EasyWorship. The screen on the laptop is used for the control screen and the video port on the laptop connects to a projector or TV to handle the output from EasyWorship. Most new laptops have a video card that will meet our SD requirements. See the recommendations above for HD requirements. We do not recommend using a laptop with the ATI / AMD Video card models 6300, 4000, 3000 series.

Will a USB, Wireless & Network Video Adapters & Projectors work with EasyWorship?

EasyWorship does not work with projectors that connect to your local area network. These devices normally require a software that sends screen captures to the projector via your local area network. Windows is not able to see these types of devices as a secondary video card, and cannot extend the windows desktop to that network device. Therefore, EasyWorship cannot use that device to send output to.

USB wireless video cards and USB video cards are not recommended for use with EasyWorship. USB video devices will not be able to support the directX functions required for text over video, video transitions and many other functions in EasyWorship.

EasyWorship can use a device that is connected to the secondary video port on your video card. For example a standard monitor, projector or a Wireless PC to TV Converter that uses a sending and receiving unit to transmit video data to the projector will. You could see some delay with these devices.

NVIDIA Quadro & ATI / AMD Fire GL / Fire Pro Cards:

NVIDIA Quadro and ATI / AMD Fire GL/FirePro cards are not recommended for use with EasyWorship. They are designed specifically for professional video / image editing and CAD. EasyWorship needs graphics cards normally considered Mid to High end video gaming graphics cards for best performance. The ATI / AMD Radeon HD or NVIDIA GeForce are designed for gaming and every day consumer use.