Take note of the types of connections you will need when purchasing a video card. Most new video cards will not come with the standard VGA connection, adapters will be required to convert the connections to VGA. If you still have questions after reading this KB article, please call tech support at +1 (918)250-1493 or email support@easyworship.com

Here are the basic rules for adapting a video card port to another type of connection.

DVI - D cannot be converted to VGA, you have to connect a DVI device to it.

DVI - I can be converted to VGA.

HDMI can be converted to DVI

DP (Display Port) and Mini DP can be converted to VGA,HDMI or DVI (Active DP to DVI adapter required)

Example: If you need two vga connections on a video card, purchase a video card with Two DVI - I connections with two DVI to VGA adapters. You can also use a card with one DVI - I and one DP connection with One DVI to VGA adapter and a DP to VGA adapter.


  • We recommend AMD/ATI Radeon video cards with Eyefinity technology for supporting three separate outputs on one video card. Use AMD/ATI recommended or AMD/ATI EYEFINITY branded adapters for best results.

  • NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 650 - 690 models allow you to use all four video ports on the video card at the same time.

  • See: Display Foldback Monitor Setup for instructions on setting up the Dispaly Foldback with an EYEFINITY graphics card.

  • FirePro, NVS or Quadro cards are not recommended.

Typical Video Card Ports:

Typical Adapters: