This is most likely caused by an image that was added to the backgrounds list that was in the wrong format.

Some .jpg images are created in a CMYK format instead of RGB. CMYK images are meant to be used for print purposes and do not work well in EasyWorship. It is best to add the image to the media area first. If the thumbnail does not build there, the image should not be added to the backgrounds list.

Resetting your backgrounds database to the default backgrounds will fix this problem.

Uninstall EasyWorship Demo Songs and Backgrounds

  1. Open EasyWorship

  2. Click on the profiles menu

  3. Click on database tools

  4. Click on add/remove demo data

  5. Allow it to keep the songs from

  6. Select the option to remove the EasyWorship songs and backgrounds

  7. Close EasyWorship

Rename Backgrounds Database Files

  1. Browse to c:\users\public\public documents\softouch\easyworship\default\database\data\
    Windows XP users browse to c:\documents and settings\all users\shared documents\softouch\easyworship\default\databases\data

  2. Find the backgrounds files (there should be four of them)

  3. Rename each of the backgrounds files to include a 1 after the name

  4. Find the version file and delete it

Reinstall the Demo Backgrounds

  1. Open EasyWorship

  2. Click on the profiles menu, database tools, add/remove demo data

  3. Keep the greatworship songs

  4. Select the option to install the songs and backgrounds from EasyWorship

Your backgrounds will now be set back to the default backgrounds.