A stream read error occurs when EasyWorship is trying to access an item in a schedule that is corrupt. This normally occurs with PowerPoint slide shows that have corrupt schedule thumbnails.

Correcting or Working around this issue:

  1. Open EasyWorship

  2. Change the Schedule view to Summary View

    (Click the Triangle at the top right of the Schedule area to change the view)

  3. Open the Schedule you are having problems with

  4. Select each item in the schedule

  5. If a PowerPoint slide show doesn't show a thumbnail or shows a white thumbnail in the preview area of EasyWorship, it is probably corrupt.

  6. Remove that PowerPoint from the schedule and save the schedule

  7. Repeat step six for any other PowerPoint slide shows that don't show a thumbnail in the preview area

  8. After saving the schedule, add the PowerPoint files you removed to the schedule again


Adding PowerPoint files from a network drive or server can cause corruptions in your schedule, if there is a problem with the network connection while the schedule is being saved.