A couple of things can cause this issue.

Your system could be experiencing a fatal system error. In Windows XP and Vista the blue screen that would normally appear is hidden and the system reboots automatically. This feature has to be turned off in order to determine what is causing the fatal error.

Follow these steps to enable the blue screen to show up:

  1. Right click on My Computer or Computer

  2. Click on Properties

  3. Click on the Advanced tab.

  4. Under Startup and Recovery click on the Settings button.

  5. Under System Failure uncheck the option to Automatically restart

  6. Click OK

After turning off the Automatic restart feature, recreate the steps that cause the system to reboot. When the blue screen appears, write down the file that the error is in. Power the system down and start it back up again.

Use your favorite search engine to search for that file name on the internet. You should be able to find what program uses that file. Usually it is software installed by the video card manufacturer that is not needed for EasyWorship. Uninstall that software and test again.

One known software that causes this problem, is the Asus Gamer OSD.

This will show up as Atkdisp.dll on the blue screen. This software comes with Asus graphics cards. It can be uninstalled without affecting the performance of your video card or EasyWorship.

The second cause for this problem is a bad power supply in your computer. If your power supply is not able to supply enough power to run the DVD drive, the system may reboot or shut down when the drive spins up. If a blue screen doesn't appear and the system shuts down, you will probably have to replace the power supply in your computer.