Video Instructions

You can easily import your SundayPlus database to EasyWorship using the EZConvert tool. Follow the steps below to download the EZConvert Tool and import your SundyPlus songs into EasyWorship.

  1. Download and install EasyWorship 2009 your computer. Click Here to download EasyWorship.

  2. Download the ezConvert tool from the following link. Click Here to Download EZConvert

  3. Close the EasyWorship program if it is open

  4. Open the ezConvert.exe file

  5. Click Next

  6. On the Data Conversion Selection page select the SundayPlus from the Conversion type drop down

  7. Click Next

  8. Click the button next to files to convert

  9. Browse to the database folder for Sunday Plus, select one of the files in the folder and click OK

    Note: You may need to consult the documentation from SundayPlus determine where the database folder is.

  10. Click the button next to EasyWorship database directory

  11. Select the Databases folder

  12. Click OK

  13. Select either replace or add to the existing songs in EasyWorship

  14. Click Next

  15. Open EasyWorship and verify the songs appear in the songs tab

  • Note: The standard location for the databases folder is:

    • Windows XP - C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersShared DocumentsSoftouchEasyWorshipDefaultDatabases
    • Windows Vista, 7 & 8 - C:UsersPublicPublic Documents SoftouchEasyWorshipDefaultDatabases
      • If you have multiple profile folders under the EasyWorship folder See: Locating My Profile Folder below.

Locating My Profile Folder:

  1. Open EasyWorship

  2. Click the Profiles menu

  3. Click Profiles Manager

  4. Select the profile you wish to import the songs into. (You may only have Default listed here)

  5. From the links at the bottom of the window, click the option to Edit the selected application profile

  6. Click in the Use an existing application data instance field, to show the location of the profile on the hard drive

  7. Use the right arrow key to scroll the text to view the end of the file path. The Profile folder is the last folder in the path
    Example: Softouch/EasyWorship/Default_1/

  8. Write this information down for use in Step 10 above

  9. Close the EasyWorship program and go back to Step 10 above