1. You will need to install a capture card in your computer. See: Recommended Capture Cards

  2. Open EasyWorship and click on the Media tab

  3. Click on the Feeds tab and then click on the ADD button

  4. You will now see the ADD FEED window

  5. Select the capture card from the AVAILABLE INPUT DEVICES

  6. Give the device a name and select a picture to represent it

  7. Click on the ADVANCED button

  8. Now you are at the ADVANCED FEED OPTIONS window

  9. Click the down arrow in the INPUT DEVICE window and select your connection type

  10. Set the RESOLUTION to your preference

  11. Leave the FRAME RATE at 29.97 

  12. Set the COLOR SPACE / COMPRESSION to UYVY if you have that option

  13. Click the OK button

  14. If your device is turned on you should see the input in the small preview window

  15. Click OK Now you have a FEED ICON in the feed section of EasyWorship

  16. You can now go back to the SONGS//BACKGROUNDS//OPTIONS//ADD and add the feed to your backgrounds