If you are experiencing EasWorship freezing when trying to play MOV, MP4 and M4V files, this can be caused by the codecs installed with the ProPresenter software.  You can uninstall ProPresenter to correct this problem or follow the steps below. 

The K-Lite codec pack has to be installed before following these steps.  If you are using a version of K-Lite that is older than version 8.x please uninstall and reinstall it using the instructions on our KB article for installing K-Lite before following these steps.

  1. Close EasyWorship.
  2. Click on start, all programs, K-Lite Codec pack, Codec Tweak Tool.
  3. On the Codec Tweak Tool screen under Codec and Filter Management: Click Preferred splitters (x86)
  4. Under .MP4 .M4V .MPV4 select LAV Splitter
  5. Under .MOV select LAV Splitter
  6. Under .3GP .3GPP select LAV Splitter
  7. Under .M4A select System Default
  8. Click apply and close then click exit the Codec Tweak Tool.