Clicking Media Tab causes the following error. "Error Executing SQL "Error executing SQL "SQL error or missing database" : no such table: thumbnails"

This error usually means that the media.thumb.1.db file has become corrupted or is not complete. You may delete this file to correct the error. Here are the steps.

  1. In EW6, click on the Profiles Menu
  2. Click Profiles Manager
  3. Click the link next to Instance Location (a new window will open)
  4. Click on the EW program behind that new window and close the Profile Editor and close EW.
  5. In the new window that opened from step 3, double click the v6.1 folder
  6. Open datacache 
  7. Open Thumbnails 
  8. Delete media.thumb.1.db
  9. Reopen EasyWorship and try the media tab again.