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What is the status of the Mac project?
From the desk of Jeff Taylor: 27 Jun, 2018  We know there have been a lot of questions and speculations about the future release of EasyWorship on the M...
Tue, 26 Mar, 2019 at 4:11 PM
Can I use EasyWorship on a Mac?
Thank you for your interest in the Mac version of EasyWorship. We currently do not have one available.  We are in the very early stages of development o...
Thu, 16 May, 2019 at 5:48 PM
How do I change the email address on my account?
You can now make changes to your account from your online login on our new account management page. To change your name, email or password do the fol...
Mon, 18 Feb, 2019 at 2:52 PM
How do I invite someone to my church or organization?
If you are the primary contact on the license account, or already an administrator to your EasyWorship account, you can add a user by followin...
Tue, 30 Apr, 2019 at 3:03 PM
EasyWorship 2009 Support has ended
Since EasyWorship 2009 has not been updated or maintained in several years, it is no longer being supported in any way other than registration.  If you own ...
Thu, 24 Jan, 2019 at 9:09 AM
How do I reset my password?
To reset your password, go to and click Login on the top right corner of the screen.  Click the Forgot password? link and enter your ema...
Mon, 8 Oct, 2018 at 5:29 PM
What if I'm unable to call for support?
If you are unable to give us a call for support, there are other ways to contact us.  You can go to and submit a new ticket, or send...
Wed, 11 Jul, 2018 at 9:50 AM
Can tech support give me a call?
Due to fairly high call volumes and our business hours, it will be best for you, the customer, to call support when you are having an issue or when you have...
Wed, 11 Jul, 2018 at 10:05 AM
What is the best way to contact EasyWorship?
There are a couple of ways to contact support.  You can give us a call during our business hours 9am - 6pm CST Mon. - Fri. @ 918-250-1493 You can also go t...
Wed, 19 Dec, 2018 at 9:25 AM
How can I request a new Bible for EasyWorship?
To request a Bible that isn't currently available for EasyWorship, go to our Bible request page. BIBLE REQUEST PAGE
Wed, 11 Jul, 2018 at 10:24 AM
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