Video Library V6

Training videos for EasyWorship 6 software.

Training Videos (28)

Learn how to operate EasyWorship 6 with this extensive video training playlist.

Videos de Entrenamiento (11)

Aprenda sobre EasyWorship 6 con estos útiles videos de capacitación que se han traducido al español para su conveniencia.

  • Getting Started
  • Working With Songs - Part 1: Adding Songs (EW 6)
  • How To Change Backgrounds
  • Working With Songs - Part 2: Basic Song Editing (EW 6)
  • Working With Songs - Part 3: Advanced Song Editing (EW 6)
  • Transferring Your Songs / Database
  • Working With Presentations - Part 1: Creating a Presentation (EW 6)
  • Features Overview (Layout-Alerts-Labels-Packing Files)
  • EasyWorship 6 Layout Compared to EasyWorship 2009
  • Working With Presentations - Part 2: Editing Presentations (EW 6)
  • How to Register EasyWorship on Your Computer
  • Building a Schedule in EasyWorship 6
  • Converting Your Database to EasyWorship 6
  • Working With Collections
  • Working With Song Themes
  • How To Set A Song, Scripture and Presentation Theme (EW 6)
  • How to Reset a Song to Default Theme
  • How To Add PowerPoint (EW 6)
  • Presentation Designer
  • Setting up the Secondary Monitor
  • How To Set A Logo (EW 6)
  • How To Auto Hide The Resources Area (EW 6)
  • How to Create a DVD Clip
  • What Version of Windows am I Running?
  • How to use the Search in Scriptures
  • How To Disable the Windows Taskbar on the Second Screen (for Windows 8 and 10)
  • How to Import Song Lyrics from SongSelect Lyric Service
  • How to Download Purchased Media
  • Entrenamiento básico en Español
  • Añadiendo presentaciones de PowerPoint
  • Comparando EasyWorship 2009 e EasyWorship 6
  • Agregando sus artículos de media a EasyWorship
  • Cómo registrar EasyWorship en su computadora
  • Cambio en su canción a tema defecto
  • Compra e instalacion de Biblias
  • Establecer logotipo de fondo
  • Articulos de Media Gratuitos
  • Como transferir su base de datos
  • Convertir su base de datos a EW6
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